"Skua Attack/Adelie Rescue" is the seventeen and two-part instrumental score from Happy Feet Two. This score splits into two pieces with the "Skua Attack" part and the "Adelie Rescue" part.


Composed by John Powell, "Skua Attack/Adelie Rescue" is an instrumental score that appears in Happy Feet Two (soundtrack).

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Skua AttackEdit

When the score plays, Mumble drop all of the fishes and head over to Emperor-Land quick as the skuas come to attack the trapped Emperor-Land.

Adelie RescueEdit

As the score continues, the Adélie, Magellanic, Chinstrap, and Little penguins arrives with Bo as the skuas and flying off and heading over somewhere around Emperor-Land. Carmen's theme is also included in this score when she is walking to the Doomberg.

Adelie Rescue is also the main theme of the Happy Feet Two DVD Menu.

Happy Feet Two: The Penguin AppEdit

"Adelie Rescue" appear as the menu theme of the penguin app.


  • This score appeared in the credits but not "Skua Attack".


Happy Feet Two OST - 17

Happy Feet Two OST - 17. Skua Attack-Adelie Rescue

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