Raphael from Happy Feet (GBA Version)
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Appearance Plain
Voiced By Non-speaking
Appears In Happy Feet: The Videogame (GBA Version)
"Whoa tis el gigante! I no eat yo fish man."

Raphael is a male adélie penguin in Happy Feet: The Videogame (GBA Version). He is an Adelie dive master. He can dive like a mile under and no one can beat him. When a toreador fighting the depths, he well Mumble to get the picture. When he wishes Mumble to learn his secret, he first teaches Mumble to find his nieces since they always run away and lose their way or just forget. He helps Mumble to find 2 of his nieces and he will teach him the secret. Now for his famous breathing technique, he wants to see Mumble's eyes bulge. He thinks he got it but with this, Mumble can dive deeper to catch the bigger fish, by pasting the blocking boulders. After Mumble got it right, he tells him to go and talk to Angelo.

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