Puffins are any of three small species of alcids (auks) in the bird genus Fratercula with a brightly coloured beak during the breeding season.


In the Real WorldEdit


Real Atlantic Puffins on a rock

The puffins are stocky, short-winged and short-tailed birds, with black upper parts and white or brownish-grey underparts. The head has a black cap, the face is mainly white, and the feet are orange-red. The bill appears large and colourful during the breeding season. The colourful outer part of the bill is shed after the breeding season, revealing a smaller and duller true bill beneath.

Although the puffins are vocal at their breeding colonies, they are silent at sea. They fly relatively high above the water, typically 10 m (33 ft) as compared with the 1.6 m (5.2 ft) of other auks.

In the Happy Feet franchiseEdit

Only one puffin, Sven, is present in the franchise. He is initially believed to be a magical, flying penguin.


  • In the film, Sven has hair, but Atlantic puffins doesn't have hair. Only Tufted Puffins do (although their is a chance that Sven is hybrid).

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