Mumble Meets a Blue Whale is a short and deleted scene from Happy Feet. In this short, there are only 3 characters in the scene. The scene was added in the bonus features on the Happy Feet movie on DVD. Mumble encounters a blue whale, and he has a conversation with an albatross.



Mumble is trying to chase the aliens from taking the fish when suddenly, he encounters a blue whale. An albatross passes by and tells him that blue whales are friends of the penguins. He tells him that the aliens might kill the whales too. He leaves Mumble alone.

A note at the end of the by Steve Irwin scene says "If there's one thing I would want to be remembered for, it's passion and enthusiasm. Conservation is my job, my life, my being."


  • The reason why this scene got cut might be because Steve Irwin used the same voice for the albatross as the elephant seal, Trev, and that Steve could provide no other voice for him.
  • Originally, Mumble was meant to lose his down feathers when he jumped off the ice cliff to stop the aliens from taking the fish. He is not seen with his full adult plumage in this scene because the scene was cut from the final version of the film before it was animated. But following the death of Steve Irwin, the director and the production crew felt the need to pay tribute to Steve Irwin, and so they completed the animation of this scene and put it on the DVD.
  • This scene was featured in the original script, but the dark concepts (whales being hunted, penguins starving to death) were taken out of the dialogue.
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