Mrs. Astrakhan
Mrs. Astrakhan's close up
Gender Female
Relatives Gloria
( former-enemy)
Appearance Black Eyes: Dark Red Eyes
Voiced By Miriam Margoyles (in movie)
Grey DeLisle (in video game)
Appears In happy feet

Happy Feet Two

Mrs. Astrakhan is a former minor antagonist in Happy Feet. She is a female emperor penguin who is portrayed as a large operatic penguin, much like the impression of opera singers today. She has a foreign, yet broken English, German-Russian accent; she pronounces her V's as W's and pronounces her 'ings' as a k, such as "Feelink," "Darlink" or "Sink" and sometimes rolls her R's. She is short-tempered, angry, mad, grouchy, loud, musical, cranky, operatic, gruff, grumpy, and no-nonsense.


Happy FeetEdit

After Miss Viola suggests Mumble should see Mrs. Astrakhan, Mrs. Astrakhan is seen singing Ochi Cheryne (Dark Eyes, heard at 0:59 to 1:21 of video) which suggests it may be her heartsong.


Viewed as the best teacher in the lands, she is known to never fail in her teachings, as stated by Miss. Viola; "If anyone can, Mrs. Astrakhan can." Mrs. Astrakhan tried her hardest to teach the tone-deaf Mumble and was deeply distressed when she felt she too had failed him, remarking "I never fail before! Never! Never!" sobbing and banging her head on a block of ice.

However, she did not fail in her teachings; she taught Mumble that there was a feeling inside his soul who he truly was a tap dancer; this likely reinforced his talents in tap dancing.



  • Originally, Mrs. Astrakhan was supposed to appear in Happy Feet Two but she is cut from the sequel if she did appear. It's unknown if Miriam Margoyles reprises her role.
  • In Happy Feet: The Videogame, Memphis referred her as Mrs. A in the level "Cooling The Pipes".
  • In the movie, she is voiced by Miriam Margoyles who voiced Mrs. P. from Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, Fly in Babe, Matchmaker in Mulan, The Queen in Early Man and Rita's Grandma in Flushed Away.
    • In the game, she is voiced by Grey DeLisle.
    • When she is shocked that Mumble cannot sing, this is not necessarily defeat, but rather simple shock.


  • (Singing) Kak boyus' ya vas, znat' uvidel vas, ya v nedobryi chas!
  • Can't sink? Can't sink? Rubbish darlink. Every little penguin has a sonk. Ven I have finished, your singing will be giving everyone the goose pimple!
  • Let it out! Be SPONTANEOUS!!!
  • Forget body. Look inside soul. Feel the feelink...enormous feelink, so enormous, it fills whole body! It must escape, or you explode! Now, open your little beak. Come on. Yes, yes. Lift up the head, that's it.
  • Now... Now... (Singing operatically) NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!
  • Ohh! Disaster! Catastrophe! I never fail before. Never! Never!


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