Gender Male
Relatives Michelle (mate)
Gloria (daughter)
Mumble (son-in-law)
Erik (grandson)
Appearance Black Eyes: Light Brown Eyes
Voiced By Dee Bradley Baker
Appears In Happy Feet

Maurice is a minor character from Happy Feet and Happy Feet: The Videogame. He is a male emperor penguin who is the father of Gloria, the grandfather of Erik, the father-in-law of Mumble, and the mate of Michelle. He is also friends with Memphis, Mumble's father. Not much is known about him since he has one of the fewest lines in the movie. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


His personality appears to be straightforward yet strict. He is quick to reprimand his daughter, such as when she asked to keep the egg Mumble was in and named him Mumble when he did hatch, Maurice called out to her both times. He and his mate Michelle also prevented Gloria from going with Mumble after his exile. This shows he is a traditionalist (along with Memphis and the Elders) and does not approve of Mumble's dancing, maybe due to the difference in status between them, though it's possible that he and his mate later redeemed in the end.


He looks similar to all of the other penguins, except he appears to be older. He has light brown drooping eyes, which look extremely tired.


  • "Memphis? Is... everything okay?"
  • "It happens sometimes, Memphis."
  • "Gloria!"
  • "Yeah"
  • "Michelle!"
  • "Hey, Memphis."
  • "It's your boy, Mumble."


  • In the draft, he is called Friendly Penguin.