Little Penguin
Eudyptula minor Bruny 1
Scientific Name
Eudyptula minor
1.2 kg (m), 1.0 kg (f)
1.5 kilogram on average (3.3 pounds)
6.5 Years
Under trees
Rock crevices
New Zealand Fur Seals
The little penguin (Eudyptula minor) is the smallest species of penguin.


In the Real WorldEdit

Little Penguin Feb09

A Little penguin at the Melbourne Zoo

Like those of all penguins, the little penguin's wings have developed into flippers used for swimming. The Little Penguin typically grows to between 30 and 33 cm (12 to 13 inches) tall and usually weighs about 1.5 kilogram on average (3.3 pounds). The head and upperparts are blue in colour, with slate-grey ear coverts fading to white underneath, from the chin to the belly. The flippers are blue. The dark grey-black beak is 3–4 cm long, the irises pale silvery- or bluish-grey or hazel, and the feet pink above with black soles and webbing. An immature individual will have a shorter bill and lighter upperparts.

Like most seabirds, they have a long lifespan. The average for the species is 6.5 years, but flipper ringing experiments show in very exceptional cases up to 25 years in captivity.

In addition to the name little penguin, several common names are in use. In Australia, they are also referred to as fairy penguins because of their tiny size. In New Zealand, they are also called little blue penguins, or just blue penguins, owing to their slate-blue plumage, and they are called kororā in Māori.

In the Happy Feet franchiseEdit

In Happy Feet, they can be seen when Mumble is shouting off to the aliens about why are they taking the fish.

In Happy Feet Two, they are seen in large numbers, collecting fish to feed the trapped Emperor penguins. They live in Adélie-Land instead of living of their own homeland.

In the unofficial short Strike!, one little penguin appear when he/she is with the four magellanic penguins by bothering them.


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