Leopard Seal
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Appearance Black Eyes: Red Eyes
Voiced By Lee Perry
Appears In Happy Feet Two

The Leopard Seal is a minor antagonist in Happy Feet Two. He is voiced by Lee Perry who voiced many characters in the film like Francesco.


Happy Feet TwoEdit

The leopard seal first appears when sleeping on an ice float. Mumble wakes him by taunting the seal, and it roars and begins to chase Mumble. Mumble goes up to the ice that Bryan is trapped behind and has the leopard seal ram into it, breaking the ice and freeing Bryan. He isn't seen for the remainder of the movie.


  • His role is similar to the Leopard Seal who appeared in the first film.
  • Since he has the same V-shaped scar as the aforementioned character of the first film, he is the same character.


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