Ice Bridge
Greater Location Antarctica
Residents N/A
Inhabitants N/A
Events N/A
Appearances Happy Feet Two

The Ice Bridge is a minor location appearing in Happy Feet Two. It is part of the route Mumble, Erik, Bo and Atticus take from Adélie-Land back to Emperor-Land and is where Bryan the Beach Master is first introduced.


Happy Feet TwoEdit

As Mumble, Boadicea, Erik, and Atticus are returning home from Adélie-Land, they find their path blocked by a deep ravine spanned by the parlous looking Ice Bridge. At first mumble is uncertain about crossing the bridge and wants to find a way around the ice crack, though eventually he is persuaded by the Bo, Erik, and Atticus to go across the bridge. As they inch their way around the side of the bridge, they meet Bryan, who blocks the way completely. Mumble first suggests Bryan back up to let their party past. Bryan refuses, stating that it would go against his nature and would hinder his ability to defend his title as beach master back at his beach. With this, Bo decides to solve the problem by climbing over Bryan, who then promptly flicks her back to Mumble with his tail. Mumble, who has grown increasingly frustrated with Bryan, charges him at this in a vain attempt to get past. As this is happening, Bryan's weight has weakened the Ice Bridge's foundation, resulting in the slab of ice he had been laying on breaks loose and tilts downward toward the chasm. Bryan is left facing downward and barely hanging on with his front flippers. His two children, Shane and Darren, are only then seen, playfully saying, "Uh oh...That's not healthy!" as they look down at their father. Mumble offers some advice, telling Bryan to back up a bit, then to turn around. After flipping himself around, the ice ledge breaks free, sending Bryan down with it into the chasm. Mumble decides to find a way to help, and does eventually, reuniting Bryan with his two boys, and allowing everyone to cross the now flooded chasm.


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