This article is about Humans as they are properly referred to. For the penguin's name for the humans, please see "Aliens".

Humans are the creatures that penguins usually see in the Happy Feet franchise. They are the (former) tertiary antagonists of Happy Feet and minor characters of Happy Feet Two and future characters in the upcoming sequel.


Happy FeetEdit

In Happy Feet, humans play a large role. They are overfishing which is causing food shortages among the penguins that indirectly leads to Mumble being exiled from his tribe. They do this because of his "peculiar ways" of tap dancing which are inadvertently assumed to be the cause of the fish disappearing. When Mumble gets put in a zoo, his tap dancing attracts the humans' attention. They release him with a tracker back to Emperor-Land. They fly there in a helicopter and are almost surprised to see the penguins start to dance, including Noah and the other Elders. One human takes out a camera and records this phenomenon, when they bring back the footage with them, reports arise as they think they are disrupting the penguins' food chain, prompting worldwide governments to debate where one side demands to ban all marine harvesting at the Antarctic, the other is to ignore it and continue the harvest. After mass civil unrest escalates demanding the ban to be done, all nations finally reached an understanding and declare the ban by saying 'Hang up the sign, no fishing!' at a world conservation conference at the United Nations. And soon after, the penguin's food chain system normally restores.

(See "Communication" musical score by John Powell).

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Humans also return in Happy Feet Two when they are first seen in the song "The Mighty Sven" in a flashback of Sven's backstory.

The people of Researchers Aurora saves Sven and help him to clean him up. They also save Lovelace in an oil spill and begins to clean him up. A beanie man gives Lovelace, a rainbow sweater when looking at Sven.



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