Heartbreak Hotel
Sung By Hugh Jackman
Recorded By Elvis Presley
Composed By Mae Axton
Thomas Durden
Heartsong Of Memphis
Appears In Happy Feet

"Heartbreak Hotel" is a pop song from the album I Was the One, which was released on January 27, 1956. It also appeared as Memphis's heartsong during the song "Kiss" from Happy Feet.


Heartbreak Hotel was composed by Mae Axton, a music teacher, and Thomas Durden, a songwriter. Axton says that he wrote it on his own, while Durden says they wrote it together. Axton played the song to Presley's manager, who didn't the like song, but then played it to Elvis himself, who loved it. The song has eight bar blues progression in simple verse form.


Elvis recorded the song at RCA Victor, in his first recording session there. Presley found it hard to sing the song standing still, which artists had to do so the microphone could pick them up, so the studio was rewired just for this song.


Heartbreak Hotel was released single on January 27, 1956 as a B-side for the album I Was the One. The song became the second single in history to reach all three Billboard charts and spent twenty-seven weeks in the top 100. In April, Hearbreak Hotel became Presley's first single to sell a million copies, and became the biggest selling single of 1956.T he single is certified double platinum in the US.

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