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Happy Feet Two: DJ Dancing Penguins (or just simpley known as DJ Dancing Penguins) is a online game where you can make custom songs from a library of beats through a streamlined drag-and-drop interface from the Happy Feet Two website.


To help audiences connect with the characters and the world of Happy Feet Two, we created an application called DJ Dancing Penguins, allowing users to create a custom song from a library of beats through a streamlined drag-and-drop interface. Once a song has been created, the user can then move on to creating a dance with two custom 3D penguins and a series of 8 arctic-themed concert effects. In the end the user has created a custom song and dance that can be shared with friends and family. Although the app was designed to be usable by younger audiences, the cumulative effect of upbeat music, vibrant visual effects, and adorable dancing penguins can be enjoyed by audiences of any age.


  • In the loading screen, the penguin chick doing his/her dance walk is resembling Atticus' dance walk in "Walk It Out" from Happy Feet Two.
  • Boadicea and Erik make cameos only on the menu screen of Happy Feet Two: DJ Dancing Penguins.


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