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Happy Feet Score cover

Happy Feet: Original Score is the instrumental score soundtrack album composed and produced by John Powell for the 2006 animated film, Happy Feet. John Powell is a film musician who is popularly used for contemporary action and comedy films, like X-Men: The Last Stand and Robots. Powell's expansive original score, featuring snippets of other lyrical songs performed by film characters, was released on December 19, 2006, along with a digital release in June 28, 2019 on Apple Music, Spotify and everywhere else.

Track listingsEdit

  1. "The Huddle"
  2. "The Eggs Hatch"
  3. "Birth of Mumble"
  4. "Wives Ho!"
  5. "Singing Lessons"
  6. "The Skua Birds"
  7. "In My Room"
    Written by Gary Usher & Brian Wilson; Performed by the Sydney Children's Choir
    (Originally performed by The Beach Boys)
  8. "Graduation"
  9. "Fish"
  10. "Leopard Seal"
  11. "Adélieland"
  12. "Bob's LED"
  13. "Finding Aliens"
  14. "Lovelace's Pile"
  15. "If I Could Sing"
  16. "Exile"
  17. "Leader of the Pack"
    Written by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich & George Morton; Performed by Dan Navarro
    (Originally performed by The Shangri-Las)
  18. "Finding Lovelace"
  19. "Gloria Joins"
  20. "The Hill"
  21. "Fun Food Storm"
  22. "Killer Whales"
  23. "The Alien Ships"
  24. "In the Zoo"
  25. "First Contact"
  26. "Mumble Returns"
  27. "Tap Versus Chant"
  28. "Helicopter"
  29. "Communication"


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