HFTMSB (Front Cover)

Happy Feet: The Movie Storybook is a tie-in Happy Feet storybook written by Megan E. Bryant.


Little Mumble isn’t like the other penguins—he loves to dance! When the penguin elders blame Mumble’s unique "happy feet" for the shortage of food, Mumble bravely sets off on an epic quest to prove them wrong. Fans of the movie will love to follow Mumble, the most original emperor penguin the Antarctic has ever seen, as he finds his own way to enter a whole new world beyond the ice and shows us all that embracing our differences and being true to oneself is what really matters.


  • This book, like The Essential Guide and Chillin' with Mumble, also uses the pictures of Mumble with an adult plumage and his brand new singing voice.
  • The book also explains how Mumble molted. Mumble molts when he jumps off the ice cliff to chase after the fishing boat and all his down is blown off by the wind.
  • The book implies that the decision to make Mumble the one true king who finally sings after he molted in the final version of the movie was a last-minute decision by the film crew.


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