Grytviken is a village found on South Georgia and located in the Forbidden Shore. It was a hunting town where people hunted seals and whales, but after all that was banned, it is now a ghost town.


Happy FeetEdit

When Mumble and the Amigos went to Grytviken that is located in the Forbidden Shore, they were trying to find Lovelace, but they found him on a buoy with a lot of junk stuff in the water, but they are caught by two killer whales. When the killer whale battle begins, they were trying to eat the penguins at the buoy until Lovelace's talisman becomes removed. After the battle ended, a huge boat destroyed a chunk of ice over Mumble, Lovelace and the Amigos when they are looking at it.


  • In real life, Grytviken is not located in Antarctica but only located in South Georgia.


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