Graduation Concert
Graduation Concert
Greater Location The Ocean of Antarctica
Residents Emperor Penguins
Inhabitants Unknown
Events Graduation Day
Appearances Happy Feet

The Graduation Concert is a huge iceberg and a location from the movie Happy Feet.


Happy FeetEdit

In Happy Feet, this is where the emperor penguins went to see Mumble's friend Gloria sing Somebody to Love for the graduating class, but Mumble gets so caught up with the music, that he himself tries to sing. His out-of-tune singing, causes the other penguins to exile him to a lone iceberg.

Video GamesEdit

Happy Feet: The VideogameEdit

In Happy Feet: The Videogame, the Graduation Concert appears only in the level "Somebody to Love".

The Graduation Concert does not appear in the GBA Version since it was replaced by Iceberg Platform.

Happy Feet Two: The Penguin AppEdit

The Graduation Concert appears as one of the backgrounds for Second Screen in one of the features of Happy Feet Two: The Penguin App.


  • The Graduation Concert is only used for Graduation Day when penguins are going to the concert to sing a song.


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