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Greater Location Antarctica
Residents Emperor Penguins
Inhabitants Mumble
Norma Jean
Noah the Elder
Events Mating Season
Graduation Day
The Exile of Mumble
Alien's Search Party
The Opening Medley
Appearances Happy Feet
Happy Feet Two

The Emperor-Land is the home of the Emperor Penguins where Mumble and his friends live from the movies, Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two.

Places on the land


Happy Feet

In Happy Feet, it makes it's first appearance at when Norma Jean is singing her heartsong, when the males are trying to win her heartsong. When all of the females left to find food for the winter, the males stayed at Emperor-Land to see the sun down and when The Great 'Guin shows up with a lot of flying fishes, a spirit of Norma Jean was singing to Memphis when his egg got dropped in the snow. When the sun goes up, the emperor penguin chicks were ready to hatch but Memphis was looking at his egg that it didn't hatch. When Maurice shows up with his daughter, Gloria was peaking on the egg but it begins to hatch and roll off the snow in Emperor-Land, After Gloria names him Mumble, Memphis shows what happening to his feet.

More to Come

Happy Feet Two

In Happy Feet Two, the Opening Medley plays in Emperor-Land. During Mumble and the kids' way back in Emperor-Land, the Emperor Penguins were trapped on their own home from the Doomberg and when the next day starts, Mumble with the penguin species and the elephant seals save them (by singing the song "Under Pressure") from the Doomberg. When Will stomp on the ice, the Doomberg begins to break down to make a hill. At the end of the film, the Emperor Penguins become free at last to go to a new home.



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