Land of the Elephant Seals - Elephant Seal 1 ask some food

The Elephant Seals are minor characters appearing from Happy Feet: The Videogame on level 27 "Land of the Elephant Seals". They are voiced by Dan Castellaneta and Dee Bradley Baker.


Happy Feet: The VideogameEdit

As their journey continued through the frozen frontiers. Guided by sights, sounds, and smells, they found their way. They talked with two elephant seals. Mumble asked if they have seen some aliens, but they were too hungry to think. Mumble asked the elephant seals what they wanted to eat. The Elephant Seals request Mumble to bring them back enough squid and they would tell exactly tell where to find the aliens. Mumble agreed to be back enough squid to fill those bellies.

After completing the level, the elephant seals tell them the directions "Go East, to the Forbidden Shore, when you see the Annihilator, the one taking away all the fish, follow it."


  • The Elephant Seals must have been the elephant seals that met Mumble, Lovelace and the Amigos in a promotional wallpaper of Happy Feet.


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