Elephant Seal Beach
Greater Location Antarctica
Residents Elephant Seals
Inhabitants Barry
Bryan the Beach Master
Wayne the Challenger
Events Only for battles
Appearances Happy Feet
Happy Feet Two

The Elephant Seal Beach (also known as Elephant Seal Land or The Land of the Elephant Seals) is a beach where Barry, Trev, Kev, NevBryan and the Elephant Seal colony lived in the Happy Feet franchise.


Happy FeetEdit

In Happy Feet, it appears when Mumble, Lovelace, and the Amigos walking on a path to Elephant Seal Land. Then when they look at it, they begin to go on a slide, but they ended up being with four elephant seals Trev, Kev, Nev and Barry.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

In Happy Feet Two, It appears when Bryan and Wayne are fighting on a hill, but Mumble and Erik arrived to help for Bryan to dance to clear the Doomberg off on Emperor-Land when other seals laughed. This is also where Erik sings his opera.

Video GamesEdit

Happy Feet: The VideogameEdit

Consoles VersionEdit

In the consoles versions, Elephant Seal Beach appears only on a cliff.

Game Boy Advance VersionEdit

In the GBA Version, the Elephant Seal Beach appears as the fifth chapter. Elephant Seals that are living here are Hanz, Jed, Ned, Dolf, Brahms, Beethoven, King and Bach.

Bach's family also used to live here but unknown since Bach has been away for a long time and has grown lonely.

Nintendo DS VersionEdit


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