"Dragostea din tei" is a romanian song from Happy Feet Two and sung by Sven (Hank Azaria). It is played when Sven is starting a new reign at the Emperor Land and takes over Mumble's dancing by the chours of Adélie-Land since his feet is hurting.


Movie versionEdit


Mai Ya He

Mai Ya Huu

Mai Ya Ha

Mai Ya Haha (Chorus)

Mai Ya He

Mai Ya Hu

Mai Ya Ha

Mai Ya Haha

Vrei sa pleci

Dar nu ma nu ma iei

Nu ma Nu ma iei, Nu ma Nu ma, iei

Chipul tau si dragostea din tei

Mi-amintesc de ochii tai (Sven)

Alo, Salut

Sunt eu

Soundtrack versionEdit


  • This song is known as "Numa Numa" from a video by American vlogger Gary Brolsma.
  • When Lovelace is dancing, you can also see Will the Krill dancing and landing in a ice hole during the sequence.
  • Before Sven sings "Dragostea Din Tei", he says that the song is in Svenish. The song is actually in Romanian, as Svenish is a fictional language.
  • In the movie version, the song goes in speed with different beats and sound but not the lyrics.
    • In the soundtrack version, it sounded different that included a full version of it.


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