Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Voiced By Danny Mann
Appears In Happy Feet
"Leg or wing?"

Dino is a skua bird and a minor antagonist in Happy Feet.


Happy FeetEdit

In Happy Feet, he, Boss SkuaVinnie, and Frankie try to eat Mumble in Happy Feet, when Mumble asks what the thing is on Boss Skua's leg and he says, he was abducted by aliens (humans). He is also seen copying Boss Skua with his friends during when he is talking to Baby Mumble. Then, he and his friends begin to chase after Mumble and fell out to the hole. He tries to get Mumble in the hole and failed to get him as he flies away with his friends.


Dino has a black beak, brown feathers, brown eyes, and black legs.



  • Dino and Brokebeak are voiced by Danny Mann.
  • His name is a pun of the prehistoric creature "dinosaur". In fact, birds are directly related to dinosaurs, so Dino is a great name for this character.
  • Dino is part of Boss Skua's crew.


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