"Dinner a la Sven" is an instrumental score from Happy Feet Two.


Composed by John Powell, "Dinner a la Sven" is an instrumental score that appears in Happy Feet Two (soundtrack).

Happy Feet TwoEdit

After Bill gets on his last nerve, Will suggests they go their seperate ways. Will and Bill split up after a "Predator Convention" where Sven tries to catch fish for Gloria. And just after he says this, he is eaten by a fish which is caught by Sven. Will goes onto land after he dropped from the mouth of a fish that Sven caught for Gloria. He gets tossed and tumbled all the way through Emperor-Land. When Sven is flying to the ocean when the penguins from Adélie-Land are complaing, he saw an alien ship that would come back and eat him as he flies away. When Lovelace is prepare to get the aliens' attention, he jump though the water which he fall on the ice float first as the score ends.


  • This score is also included in the credits.


Happy Feet Two OST - 18

Happy Feet Two OST - 18. Dinner A La Sven

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