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Pictures of Chinstrap Penguins at Chinstrap-Land by Brendan Deboy

Chinstrap-Land is a place and a home where Chinstrap Penguins live. It was originally going to appear in Happy Feet Two: The Video Game, but it was dropped during early production of the game.


Chinstrap-Land is a home to chinstrap penguins and also has a beach. In the picture below, it has four sides of the concept of what Chinstrap-Land has looked like:

  1. A picture of chinstrap penguins looking at a rock that look like a wild boar.
  2. A chinstrap looking into the water with rocks in the ground.


  • In the first section of the Chinstrap-Land pic, the rock close resembles a wild boar.
  • In the Research Center of Chinstrap-Land, it also have a flag of Australia which is a part of the Australian Antarctic Territory.


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