Carmen's close up
Gender Female
Relatives Ramón
( mate-boyfriend)
Appearance Black Eyes: Orange/Brown eyes
Voiced By Sofía Vergara
Appears In Happy Feet Two
"You. Me? Fat chance."

Carmen is a supporting character of Happy Feet Two. She is a female adélie penguin who is Ramón's love interest and, at the end, becomes his girlfriend.


Carmen hangs around with two other seemingly-Hispanic Adélies. She might look nice and gorgeous, but watch out, roses have thorns! She is very aggressive, but Ramón knows she is very sweet. Carmen ignores Ramón unless she has a snarky comment to whip at him in response to his antics. She walks with exaggerated sways to show a sense of higher status than Ramón. She might look hard to get but has a soft side. An example would be when she spoke nice things to Ramón when he fell off a cliff for her.

She also has a very thick Latin accent as she is voiced by Sofia Vergara, who is from Colombia.


Happy Feet TwoEdit

The first time she meets Ramón, she was uninterested with him and Ramón would always chase her. In her first appearance, she is seen with her friends when the Amigos begins to chase her with Ramón.

In her second appearance, the Adélies come and there is Carmen and Ramón appears. Ramón sees the small hole and gives it to her with his body to make her always safe, but she still ignores Ramón. After a chunk of the Doomberg collapses, Ramón starts searching for Carmen and finds out that she fell in with the trapped Emperor
penguins. Ramón then makes the choice to dive off the cliff and join her. When an astonished Carmen points out the implications of this, he replies honestly ("A thousand lifetimes up there is nothing to this one exquisite moment by your side"), finally winning her heart in the process. In the final scene, they escape along with the rest of the Emperor-Land population. And Carmen says to be careful on the way out.


  • Unlike the rest of the adélie penguins, she's very statuesque.
  • In the novel, it is stated that she is the most gorgeous and prettiest adélie penguin Ramón had ever seen.
  • She is the adélie penguin who has a wiggle in her walk, like Norma Jean.
  • It's unknown if she has a Heartsong or not.
  • In Happy Feet: Look and Find, another Carmen with the same name appears but is not related to the movie canon.
  • In the Making Of 'Happy Feet Two' Featurette, a poster of her resembles the adelie chica that appear in Happy Feet.
    • The first Adelie chica from the first movie could possibly be her while the rest could be her friends.


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