Bryan the Beachmaster
Bryan the Beachmaster
Gender Male
Relatives Shane and
Darren (sons)
Mate: Unknown
Appearance Black Eyes: Brown Eyes
Voiced By Richard Carter
"That's the one thing I can't do, matey: Back up. The Beachmaster backs up for nobody."

Bryan (known as Bryan the Beachmaster or The Beachmaster for a short) is a male elephant seal and a major character from Happy Feet Two. He is the father of Shane and Darren.


Happy Feet TwoEdit

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Bryan first appears when Mumble, Boadicea, Erik, and Atticus try to return home from Adélie-Land by using a "bridge". He tells Mumble to go back, and when he refuses, tells a short story about Elephant Seals never backing up. Boadicea tries to get past him, climbing up, then sliding down his back, but is slapped back by his tail. At this time, in an effort to get past, Mumble and the other kids get head-butted back onto the ice. Atticus tells him to apologize and hits Bryan's nose, but gets head-butted back. He is first depicted to be "grumpy" due to his performance on this scene. Soon the bridge Bryan's on collapses and he finds himself trapped in a hole. Soon, Mumble finds a way to get him out of the ice by way of a Leopard Seal.
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When everything is resolved, Bryan thanks Mumble for saving him. Although later on, when Mumble goes back for help from Bryan, he is yelled at and told to get out because Bryan is being challenged by another seal named Wayne on his beach, and doesn't care about Mumble's colony dying. Erik then sings his opera and eventually convinces Bryan to come to save Emperor-Land.


  • He is voiced by Richard Carter, who also did Barry from the first film.
    • Originally, he was going to be voiced by John Goodman, but he was taken down and replaced by his new voice actor, Richard Carter.
  • His body is similar to Barry who appears in Happy Feet.
  • Bryan has two sons named Shane and Darren, but his mate is unknown.
  • Bryan is one of the two seal characters to fall, after the leopard seals from Happy Feet Two: The Video Game. He survived this fall, but it is unknown if the leopard seals did.


  • "Take your little furball and fluff off or I'm Gonna turn carnivore with a craving for a penguin. The only "butt" I wanna see is yours, WALKING AWAY!".
  • "What you looking at?"
  • "That's okay. I didn't mean that."


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