Boss Skua

Boss Skua's close up

Alpha Skua (Happy Feet Two)

Gender Male
Relatives Uncle: Angie
Appearance Black Eyes: Yellow Eyes
Voiced By Anthony LaPaglia (in movies)
Dee Bradley Baker (video game)
Appears In Happy Feet
Happy Feet Two
"Hey, what you doing there, flipper bird?"
―Boss Skua

Boss Skua is a male skua bird and a recurring antagonist from the Happy Feet franchise. He is voiced by Anthony LaPaglia in the Happy Feet movies and Dee Bradley Baker in Happy Feet: The Videogame.


Boss Skua is a bossy short-tempered and manipulative leader of the skuas. When he tell his henchmen to be quiet and always listen to him, Boss Skua has a smooth talking personality when he told Mumble about his story and about aliens.


Boss Skua has brown feathers, a black beak, yellow (or gold) eyes, a yellow band on his leg ankle since he was abduction by aliens, and brown legs.

In Happy Feet Two, his appearance looks different as he has the same yellow band on his ankie as before.


Happy Feet

In Happy Feet, Boss Skua made his first appearance as a minor antagonist. When he and his three friends are landing to Mumble's place. He tells Mumble about he was abduction by "aliens". Who appearances like real humans, and make Mumble finding these aliens. When Boss Skua is talking to Baby Mumble, Dino, Frankie, and Vinnie copy and dance his words of what he is saying. Then, he and his friends begin to chase after Mumble and fell out to the hole. He tries to get Mumble in the hole and failed to get him as he fly away with his friends.

Happy Feet Two
In Happy Feet Two, Boss Skua returns as the tertiary antagonist. When his new friends, Brokebeak and Francesco returns to Emperor-Land, seeking to wait for the trapped penguins to die and feed on their remains. In his failed attempt to carry a chick away, he is stopped by Gloria when she hits him with her flipper. As he and his crew are landing to another spot of Emperor-Land, Boss Skua was standing next to Francesco when he was talking about the temporary stay of execution. Boss Skua hit him with his fin by having him an idiot and says "Thank you".
In the "Papa Oom Mow Mow" sequence, he and Francesco saw Sven flying to give everyone fish, but he hits Francesco by saying to him that he is an idiot. As the aliens come to make a exit, he appears with a isebelle skua by saying "Ahhh. Can you believe this?" and as the snowstorm comes, he leaves Emperor-Land with his friends. He is referred to as "Alpha Skua" in the credits.

Video Games

Happy Feet Two: The Video Game

The Boss Skua appears as the second boss in Happy Feet Two: The Video Game. He is a,so standing with his skua friends on the ice, trapping Bryan.


  • Due to the yellow band on his ankle, Boss Skua said he had been mockingly called "Yellowleg" by other Skuas and birds he had met.
  • In fact, the credits and subtitles do call him Yellowleg though it has not yet been confirmed if this is his official name.
  • Boss Skua's yellow band says "A54".
  • Boss Skua has a uncle named Angie.
  • Boss Skua has friends who were Vinnie, Dino, Francesco, Brokebeak, and Frankie.
  • Boss Skua speaks with a New York accent.


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