Boogie Wonderland
Sung By Brittany Murphy
Recorded By Allee Willis and Jon Lind
Composed By Earth, Wind & Fire
Heartsong Of Gloria
Appears In Happy Feet

Boogie Wonderland is a 1979 hit single by Earth, Wind & Fire featuring The Emotions.


  • This song was covered by Brittany Murphy for the soundtrack in the film Happy Feet as Gloria's heartsong.
  • The translation of Raul's Spanish speaking part of this song is: "I am Raul, the coolest penguin, Latino of course, 100% Spanish! My brothers! (Yeah?) Crazy, they call me A woman ignites me like a flame The party! Dance, dance, little girl! My heart has dynamite! BOOM! Exactly! Let me be your daddy penguin!" (The alternating bold and non-bold text is used to show the line breaks in the song.)
  • In the teaser trailers, the setting of Boogie Wonderland is very different and it also takes place at light sunset, not daytime. Also, numerous scenes were changed during production because it was too early. However, some of it can be shown on Jump N' Move trailer.
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