Atticus' close up
Gender Male
Relatives Seymour (father)
Unknown mother
Appearance Black Eyes: Yellow Eyes
Voiced By Lil' P-Nut
Appears In Happy Feet Two
"Yo, dawg! You be apologizin', or I'm gonna tear you a new nostril!"

Atticus is a supporting character of Happy Feet Two. He is a baby emperor penguin who is the son of Seymour. His mother is unknown. He is Erik's best friend.


Atticus is the son of Seymour and he looks a lot like him, being taller and chubbier than the other chicks. Also, as most male emperor chicks have a spike sticking out of their mask, Atticus has two. This may mean he will get the flame-neck pattern like Seymour when he grows up. He is very good friends with Erik and Bo.

He is a good rapper like Seymour and a good dancer. He has a big appetite and gets hungry often. He is also very confident. He cares a lot about his friends.

He is really good friends with Erik, as he helped him calm down when they realized that the trapped emperor penguins were doomed to die. He is also really good friends with Bo, dancing with her at several points throughout the film.

Atticus is like being a DJ, like his father, Seymour as seen when he is singing.


Atticus has grey feathers on his body, a yellow beak as a chick, an overweight belly similar to the other chicks have and Seymour when he was a chick and has yellow eyes.

Relationships with other characters


Atticus has a very strong bond with his father, who is shown to love him dearly. Very early on in the movie, we find them singing Mama Said Knock You Out together. Later, when the ice separates them, Seymour joins the penguins attempting to launch themselves out of Emperor-Land, swearing to Atticus that he's coming to be with him.


Atticus and Bo are best friends, and the two are often seen singing and dancing together. When she got flipped back by Bryan, Atticus demanded he apologizes and slapped his trunk with his flipper (which only succeeded in making him angrier).


Atticus and Erik are best friends. Like Bo, Atticus is quick to defend Erik whenever others tease him and stayed behind to calm him down after his fight with Mumble. 



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