The Arctic is a brief location in Happy Feet Two and the former homelands of Sven.


Happy Feet TwoEdit

The Arctic briefly appears in Happy Feet Two during the song "The Mighty Sven". Sven first appears in this flashback flying above the Arctic as it melts, and he is next seen trying to escape from a tornado hitting his homeland, but he gets swept up. However, despite not being shown, Sven escaped the tornado that he refers to as "The Apocalypse".

Minutes later in the flashback, it is revealed that the Arctic has nearly been completely melted with few icebergs remaining in place of the Arctic. One of these icebergs is shown when Sven lands on it to rest, but three polar bears try to catch and eat Sven. Sven escapes and gets to another smaller iceberg. He is exhausted and sleeping on a polar bear's back in the meantime and escapes again to a small chunk of ice, where he is discovered and rescued by humans on a boat titled "Researchers Aurora". The humans get Sven back into shape, but the humans then discover Lovelace struggling in oil in the Arctic. The two then travel South, and Antarctica becomes Sven's new permanent home.

The Arctic is also briefly seen during the "Bridge of Light" sequence as Gloria's voice is heard all the way across the world.


  • The Arctic may still be the homelands of other unknown puffins that were predictably once part of Sven's family.
  • The Arctic is of course still home to other creatures, like Killer Whales and Polar Bears.
  • It remains unknown whether the Arctic will appear again in Happy Feet Three.
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