The Alien's Search Party was a event that happens in Emperor-Land showing the emperor penguins and the Amigos dancing to stop the overfishing in Happy Feet.


Happy FeetEdit

After the humans send Mumble back to the ocean, he returned to Emperor-Land to tell everyone that the aliens are taking the fish. After Norma Jean was hearing about the hippy-hopper named Mumble, she call out the Amigos to cheer for Mumble.

After the dancing was about to begin, Noah warns them to stop but they keep on dancing alot before Noah calls the wisdoms for the world to tremble when all others leave.

When Mumble finds his Pa isn't with them, Norma Jean and the Amigos go to show Mumble his "deadbeat dad" They find Memphis sitting down in a state of depression, as Memphis sees Mumble he says " not a day goes by where i had not done a thing right by you ". Mumble forgives him and asks him to dance with the Penguins, Memphis goes by saying "i don't got that music in me". Mumble then teaches his father to tap-dance and soon Memphis, Mumble, Norma Jean, Gloria and the amigos go out to dance.

Coming out Mumble's tracker beeps repeatedly and soon shows a helicopter flying over Emperor-Land. The Penguins stop dancing and look in shock to see the helicopter and humans. The five humans then come out to see the penguins and then they all start dancing.

The event seem to spark a world discussion on whether to stop or continue fishing in the Antarctic regions with scenes showing political arguments and children dancing and laughing. The scene ends with the humans putting a ban on fishing in Antarctica.



  • In the trailers, some scenes are different than the finished film. Also, the Amigos were nowhere to been seen in films previews and some settings are different early than finished film.
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