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[[File:A Happy Feet Moment|thumb|right|300px]]
'''''A Happy Feet Moment''''' is a 30-second ''Happy Feet'' short featured in the Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray and DVD of ''[[Happy Feet]]'' from [[Warner Home Video]].
When [[Mumble]] is looking into his reflection, [[Memphis]] shows up as he is kicking the crud out of Mumble for no apparent reason. Once the [[penguin]] has demonstrated his football skills with Mumble as the ball, he kicks him off into the sea to score a “goal” and says "Yea".
*The adult male [[Emperor Penguin|emperor penguin]] that is standing next to Mumble is possibly Memphis that has a similar look than from the movie.
*The music that is playing where Memphis is kicking Mumble to the water is "[[Adelieland (score)|Adélieland]]" from ''[[Happy Feet]]''.
Mumble in AHFM.PNG
Mumble and Memphis in AHFM.PNG

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